Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stranded Viking

Follow the brave vikings on their sale and find all the differences between each of the pictre pairs. You will get extra points for being fast but your points will be taken off if you click in random places. Use Shake or Reveal buttons if you are stuck and need help.

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Uphill Rush 5

Slide and ride to finish the race! Chose the best haracter, vehile and costume to get on the road and collect more money on the way to be able to upgrade. Hang on tight! Don't lose your balance! INSTRUCTIONS: Up/Down = Forward; Reverse Left/Right = Lean Back; Forward Space = Jump; Pull Stunts X = Turbo M = Map

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Superstar Dress Up

An important ceremony is approaching! You need to create an exclusive outfit for the superstar to show! Chose from many kinds of dressing options and accessories.

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Mahjong Solitaire

A Mahjong round needs to be both challenging and fun to be considered worth playing. You'll find these features and feel like you are playing in the old China without getting out of your chair, with this game. Match the unlocked pieces with their pairs until no one is left.

Play Mahjong Solitaire !

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cutie Student Dress Up

When the vacation is over and girls need to get back to school, they aren't worried about the new teachers nor the difficult subjects. All they think about is cute school notebooks and, of course, what they are going to wear for the first day. Help this beautiful girl to make her mind about her outfit.

Play Cutie Student Dress Up !

Flashcraft Tower Defence

The forces of evil have come together as one and are drawing newer to our civilization.  The king has called on you to defend the path to the castle in the Flashcraft Tower Defense game.  Build your different towers strategically to hold off the evil forces.

Play Flashcraft Tower Defence !

Defend the Priest

This priest is in peril. The rain is coming back and he does not have any quite protection. are you able to place some objects over him and keep him safe? Use your mouse to build your defenses and Defend The Priest.

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